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    children's boyscout camp ' Atlantic '

    the Boyscout camp is located in a unique corner of mountain Crimea - the Bajdarsky valley, at height of 400 m above sea level among mozhzhevelovyh groves, in edge of falls and mountain lakes. The camp territory - 16 hectares, here is fine cleanest mountain lake the area of 3 hectares where children can be trained in the basic knowledge of fishing - manufacturing of tackles, fishing by networks, on a fishing tackle and many other things, and also to immersing with an aqualung under the direction of the expert.

    The Camp is calculated on 100 places. Distance to Sevastopol - 45 km, to Laspi - 25 km, to Forosa - 30 km. Duration of change - 21 day. Water non-polluting, moves from a chink depth of 80 m.

    Placing: 2 floor case consisting of 4 blocks. Each block occupies a floor floor. In the block: 5-6 living rooms on 4-6 persons everyone, a rest room, a toilet room, a washroom a room, per capita on 2 booths, kitchen with a refrigerator, an electric stove, tea-things set. Tutors live in double rooms there and then.

    a Food: 5-single. Necessary caloric content of dishes is strictly observed. In campaigns the meal prepares on a field-kitchen, in long trips the box lunch stands out. Fruit daily.

    Program actions:

    children's boyscout camp ` Atlantic `, Sevastopol, Crimea Departure on the sea. For five days children leave on the sea in area Batilimana - one of the most beautiful places of southern coast of Crimea. Residing at the tents equipped with beds. During stay on the sea pass the program "Underwater sports".

    Bathing on lake and in pool: during any free time from actions under the control of leaders, plavruka and the sailor-rescuer.

    Equestrian sport. Pride of camp - the horse-racing base constructed in 2001-2002, including saddle horses, the professional ammunition corresponding to the international standards, a training field with the high-quality equipment. Employment are spent under the direction of the master of sports of the USSR E.A.Buchkova under programs of training to riding and training of overcoming of obstacles. All children receive a high-grade curriculum, and also learn to look after for loshadmi. Following the results of employment horse-racing competitions, demonstration performances are spent.

    Underwater sports. the Theoretical course of a scuba diving, a practical training: the first - training to swimming in complete set N 1 (a mask, a tube, lasty), the second - immersing with an aqualung. Employment pass in pool and on the sea under the direction of divers of 3rd class and instructors of underwater sports.

    Pejntboll. Theoretical employment with video film display, acquaintance with equipment (the Canadian equipment of firm "TJ": a marker, a gas bag, shop, a protective mask, a camouflage), shooting on targets, 2 field games: "flag Capture", "Royal hunting". Games are spent on the equipped range. On the child 50 gelatinous spheres for shooting stand out. On all employment points are exposed. Winners in individual and otrjadnom superiority are awarded by prizes.

    Tourism and a rock-climbing. the Program includes one-day (on falls, on mountain Machu) and three - four-day campaigns (depending on age of group) where tourist parking is equipped. Children live in tents, master tourist's technics on specially equipped obstacle course (the crossing, "pendulum", "circus", descent "djulferom", "downhill racing", etc.), learn to knit obvjazki, the insurance to stretch tent to plant a fire, to be guided by districts. Following the results of training competitions are held.

    Fishing (facultatively, at will) on 2 lakes: Top and Mullovsky. Children learn to knit tackles, to put rakolovki and fishing networks, to estimate ulovy. To the child the fishing tackle or spining stands out.

    the Infrastructure. Cafe with the TV, video and audio the tape recorder, a summer platform (in assortment morozhennoe, juice, waters, chocolate, chips), the equipped europool (6х13, computer games, an inflatable trampoline (free). The sports-entertaining centre (with training apparatus and fitness), table tennis (three tables) the equipped athletic fields.

    the Address: Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol, the Bajdarsky valley.

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