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  • sanatorium ' Omega '
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  • base of rest ' Taurida '
  • camp ' Atlantic '
  • DOCK ' Coastal '
  • the DALE ' Mountain '
  • DOTS ' Laspi '
  • VPL ' Hope '
  • the DALE ' Nahimovets '
  • the DALE ' Omega '
  • the DALE ' the Surf '
  • the DALE ' the Falcon '

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    base of rest ' Taurida '

    From a word Crimea blows as heat, a sea cool and beauty. The southern coast of Crimea is known all over the world and enters into number of the best resorts of the world. One of zhivopisnejshih places of Juzhnoberezhja is the natural boundary Batiliman located between high steep cape Ajja ("sacred") and a bay of Laspi. On mid-annual temperature the warmest part of Southern coast of Crimea. From the north over Batilimanom rocks the Large sum ("the bird's rock") and Kokija closing it from norths and giving warmly to this area hang in the summer.

    In east part of a bay of Laspi the rock Iljas towers ("Sacred Ilja"), further, in the southeast, is cape the Buzzard (tat. "3латотканый") - the most southern extremity of Crimea. Vicinities of Batilimana are extremely interesting by the flora, for example, the trees which age comes nearer to the thousand-year. Over 35 kinds of plants of Crimea brought in the Red book, grow here. It is a relic juniper high, the Crimean pine, zemljanichnik melkoplodnyj and the Crimean orchid.

    The Juniper is well-known for that allocates a considerable quantity fitontsidov, promoting air improvement. The Crimean pine with soft brushes of the needles hanging down downwards, remained with dolednikovogo the period, is property only natural boundaries Laspi and Batilimana. It is remarkable that in the summer, in a heat air here is given to drink by special aroma of a juniper and clatter of cicadas. Бepera Batilimana-Laspi are washed pure and always by transparent water of the deepest in these parts Black sea. The gulf is rich with fish, stone crabs. Batilimansky air, the sea, beauty of mountains have created conditions promoting high-grade rest.

    base of rest ` Taurida `, Sevastopol, Crimea the Base of rest "Taurida" is located in natural boundary Batiliman. To base the line which is laid through mountains and not leaving almost with the sea conducts. Duration of the permit on base of rest - 12 calendar days. Having a rest 2-3 local rooms in cosy small houses are given. Washstands, per capita and toilets are located in territory, near small houses.

    base of rest ` Taurida `, Sevastopol, Crimea a Food thrice. At the menu every day there are fresh vegetables and fruit. Work as cafe and a bar. There is a hire of boats, catamarans, small yachts. There is a parking place. In days of arrival and departure having a rest meet and see off at Ry station of Sevastopol transport of base of rest. At will of having a rest excursions to Sevastopol and on Southern coast of Crimea will be organised.

    Abrupt rocky breakages of calcareous mountains, picturesque slopes with terraces-platforms, dense wood with aroma of needles, fine sand-and-shingle beaches and warm Black sea - such remains in memories of Batiliman, one of zhivopisnejshih areas of Southern coast of Crimea.

    the Address: AR Crimea, Sevastopol, a bay of Laspi.

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