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    health resorts of Sevastopol
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  • boarding house ' Palmida '
  • boarding house ' Sevastopol '
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  • DOCK ' Coastal '
  • the DALE ' Mountain '
  • DOTS ' Laspi '
  • VPL ' Hope '
  • the DALE ' Nahimovets '
  • the DALE ' Omega '
  • the DALE ' the Surf '
  • the DALE ' the Falcon '

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    Cанаторий ' Omega '

    It is located on the western coast of a bay "Omega" in ecologically safe zone of rest of a city of Sevastopol. Has the equipped beach, pool with sea water. The swimming season lasts from May till October.

    Placing in sleeping cases in 2-3-местных numbers. A food 3-single with a universal sparing diet. Parents with children are accepted. Treatment term - 21 day.

    Medical services: the physiotherapeutic methods including electrotreatment, massage, parafino - and ozokeritovye applications, various baths and souls in a complex with powerful natural factors are effective at diseases of lungs, cardiovascular, nervous and oporno-impellent systems.

    For treatment sick the room of an artificial microclimate, ingaljatory with application of aromatic essence is available a bronchial asthma and diseases of the top respiratory ways, is spent akupunktura.

    Offices of psychological unloading, intestinal orosheny Work.

    Cанаторий ` Omega `, Sevastopol, Crimea In sanatorium not only are treated, but also have actively a rest. In the cultural program - discos with attraction of variety ensembles, concerts, excursion acquaintance to heroic Sevastopol, historical monuments and the nature of Crimea.

    Having a rest should have the passport, a sanatorium card, the inquiry about epidobstanovke and inoculations of children, the permit which can be got in trade-union committee in a place of work or through tour operator in your city.

    The Transit - by rail to station Sevastopol

    the Name:
    the Collective enterprise sanatorium "Омега"
    the Address:
    335030, Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol, Buhta Omega street, 17
    a treatment Profile:
    Disease of respiratory organs
    Disease of bodies of blood circulation
    Disease endokrinnoj and nervous system (neurosises, a neurasthenia)
    Treatment by a dirt
    Serdechnososudistye illnesses
    Obshcheterapevtichesky profile of treatment
    Inflammatory processes of kidneys
    Rehabilitation from unsuccessful areas of ecological influence
    Allergy treatment
    Medical services:
    a massage Office, electrotreatment, ingaljatory, balneotherapy, physiotherapy exercises hall, a hydromassage office, acupuncture, herbal medicine, speleokabinet, physiotherapy, sight correction, laser therapy, computer diagnostics, enoterapija.
    a Food:
    The custom-made menu
    In a dining room
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    Billiards, hire of TVs, hire of the refrigerators, the equipped beach, pool, restaurant, a bar, a video hall, fiziokabinet, an exercise room, a sauna, mail, a left-luggage office, library, sea walks on the yacht, connection of numbers to the satellite aerial, excursion bureau, mugs for children, hire of water skis, sledge, surfing, parking place.
    a work Season:
    stay Time:
    21 day
    Any quantity of days
    1-mestn. Number
    2-mestn. Number
    3-mestn. Number
    4-mestn. Number
    4-mestn. Number chast.ud.
    1-mestn. A junior suite
    2-mestn. A junior suite
    3-mestn. A junior suite
    4-mestn. A junior suite
    In number:
    the Shower, a washstand, a toilet, the TV, a refrigerator, a radio receiving station.

    In addition on the given theme:

    the Improving complex ' the Seagull '

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