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    Adventure tourism, archaeological expeditions, role modelling

    In vicinities of Sevastopol the set of travel companies and clubs spend commercial or amateur programs of children's and youth adventure tourism. Its three whales is riding, rock-climbing, a mountain bicycle. Naturally, all is supplemented with bathing in the sea. As advertising packing commercial programs usually are called as scout, but behind this loud and burzhuazno concept alien to us it costs nothing. Skauting – the educational system based on a permanent job with children within all year. Among other things, it developed for middle class which neither in Russia, nor in Ukraine and has not developed. Nevertheless "scout" camp permits in them well are popular also are on sale. The Sevastopol firms sell also ecological, sports, language and creative programs, for example for clubs of sports ball dances. Are even more various summer camp of public organisations and clubs. It and studying of a fighting hopak (dance of Cossacks-zaporozhtsev) and searches of contacts to extraterrestrial civilisations, and opening of underground pyramids, and other absolutely improbable things.

    However, in Sevastopol is where will be developed also to adherents of common notions on natural sciences and history. Students and schoolboys pass here summer ecological, biological and geological experts. Well and kladoiskatelstvo here not simply reality, and a part of an every day life. In Sevastopol on a so-called Radio cloud (the City radio market, is located at stadium "Орщър" the square Risen) prospers one of the largest and most interesting markets in Europe arheologichesikh finds.

    In Crimea it is known about 5 thousand archaeological monuments, and expeditions it is annually spent nearby 30, approximately 20 from them spend the Russian high schools and scientific institutions. Every year sensational finds are made. Not less sensations cause also "opening" of customs service and Security service of Ukraine: scope of black archeology is that that in hands of buyers frequently there are values on the whole museum.

    Your interest to history and quite clear thirst to find a treasure should not lead to a criminal offence. I wish to warn at once that to struggle against robbers of ancient tombs in Crimea now apply and desantirovanie from helicopters, and fire from automatic machines on defeat. At all do not buy gold or silver products from ancient tombs, and also awards of times of the Crimean war or the Great Patriotic War. Serious term can be received and for storage of the weapon of times of the Great Patriotic War, after all it find and in an operating condition.

    However, “if it is impossible, but very much it would be desirable - that is possible”. Really, now there are ample opportunities for collectors and even more ample opportunities for kladoiskatelej (if you hand over the finds to the state and to be photographed with gold and silver relics, and also with the weapon - any problem). You can quite collect a collection of stone and bone tools of the primitive person, antique and medieval bronze and ceramics on a lawful basis and even to take out, having obtained the permit in the Ministry of culture of Crimea. Details specify in the Crimean regional customs +38(0652) 54-56-31.

    Well now one after another:

    - Excavation on places of battles conducts search associations. The Sevastopol clubs are recognised the strongest in the country. In region to these tens (and can hundreds) thousand Soviet, German, Italian, Romanian soldiers and officers are not buried. Finds of soldier's counters represent huge value for families of victims, questions of inheritance, privileges and to that similar. To leave on contacts to searchers it is necessary through departments and managements on affairs of youth of local executive committees and through local military registration and enlistment offices. Children usually live in camps, work in the summer on a vacation. In camp tens groups from the different countries gather. Directly on the Sapun-grief at a building of Diaramy it is possible to get acquainted with children from military-historical club at a local museum. They earns additionally that suggest tourists to be photographed in shape and with the weapon of times of the Great Patriotic War. But it only very small commercial part of club activity. In club of hundred children which conduct very difficult search work, and on holidays also free of charge reconstruct battles;

    - Special excursions with metal detectors on places of the most bloody battles of 19 centuries - Alminsky and Balaklavsky - will be organised by the Yalta and Sevastopol branch of Intourist. The finds which are not representing to national value: bullets, splinters of shells, buttons from uniforms and other - quite honourable souvenirs. Well and from cost of the treasure which has been handed over to the state, it is possible to receive the fourth part of its cost. Considering that somewhere at Balaklavy the monthly salary of the whole English army is based in gold coins.... - it will not be small!

    - Excavation of antiquities any expedition which incorporating representatives of the state scientific institutions or museums and has obtained the permit in the Crimean republican committee on protection of monuments now can conduct. That is basically all amateur associations and in general all wishing to participate in excavation now have such possibility!

    The Most simple variant which is not demanding preliminary work with documents and any registration - the Hersonessky national museum reserve (Sevastopol +38(0692) 55-02-78, 24-13-69, 24-14-15) invites to work on summer expeditions of all interested persons. For work on expeditions on cave cities it is necessary to contact the Bakhchsarai state istoriko-archaeological reserve - +38(06554) 4-74-81, 4-28-81). Expedition on Mangupe is especially interesting, many groups of students and schoolboys already took part in it of Crimea, Ukraine, Russia, Germany and other countries.

    Role modelling and historical fencing in Sevastopol is not put yet on such wide commercial basis as in the Pike perch. But it is a lot of clubs, also interesting reconstruction are arranged. Knightly tournaments are spent in the Genoa fortress of Chembalo over Balaklavoj, battles of the Crimean war are reconstructed in the Death valley sung by English poet Tennisonom at Balaklavy and in Historical parkway of Sevastopol (in the Panorama it is possible to learn co-ordinates of clubs).v one of such reconstruction Englishmen among whom there was a lineal descendant of lord Raglana participated also.

    Igor Rusanov

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