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    Diving and aquatics

    Diving and underwater archeology

    Immersing with an aqualung extremely fashionable now employment, the diving centres is practically everywhere, and also it is a lot of interesting flooded objects.

    On peninsula four most widespread schools of diving are presented: FALL (PADI), KMAS (CMAS), NAUI (NAUI), SEDIP (CEDIP) and all basic directions "яюфтюфэюую ю=ф№§р": local diving, dajv-cruises, training schools, nurseries of camp with training to a scuba diving.
    In each region of Crimea and the beginner, and the skilled diver will necessarily see something interesting. Multiplane reliefs and landscapes of a sea-bottom, a consequence of tectonic breaks and eruptions of volcanoes, emissions of a jasper, onyx, agate, other beautiful stones …

    Navigation in Crimea has multithousand-year history, therefore on different depths and with different degree of safety it is possible to find out the diversified subjects, effective "ЁІъш" ("wrecks" - fragments of wrecks, sunken wrecks).
    On cape Ajja of the diver the original beauty of crevices, bends, grottoes in rocky walls, around a river Kachi mouth - remains of the English sailing vessel which was lost during a storm of 1854 expects.

    In the Laspinsky bay the tourist will see freakish rocks - a sphinx, a figure of the mermaid, an armour of a turtle …
    The certificated instructors from firms "+ътрьрЁшэ" (Balaklava), "Мэшъюэ--рщтхЁё" (Sevastopol), are ready to train and show to all interested persons of beauty of Black sea.
    A little independently there is a service which is offered by firm "Рърщыхё". An operated sea bed vehicle "+ьрЁ" gives the chance to any person to plunge without special equipment on any depths and to observe a sea life through windows.

    In the description of the flooded objects the recognised master is sevastopolets Alexey Mordasov (the captain of the second rank, the underwater scout of a stock) which materials we offer you. On its site in the Internet descriptions of such objects are exposed:

    Water area of spot-check of the river of Kacha – m. Konstantinovsky

    The English sailing vessel. 1854

    Water area of Hersonessky memorial estate

    Antique amphoras, ceramics, anchors

    Ancient port

    Water area of a bay of Omega

    «The Museum of anchors»

    «Steps of Omegi»

    Water area of a bay Cossack

    «A battle Place»

    The Torpedo boat. An ammunition

    The German bomber "+хэъхыі 111"

    cape Chersonese Water area

    «Ominous rocks»

    «The Underwater canyon»

    The Soviet plane. 1944

    The Soviet transport on 35th battery. The Grotto-tower.

    Water area of m. of Fiolent

    Underwater fjords

    The Grotto - a siphon

    Immersings in area Balaklavy – cape Ajja Karniz

    «The Sacred grotto»

    Underwater caves and grottoes on the Ushakovsky wall

    Vinovoz, 1934

    The Grotto the Dragon

    Water area of the Laspinsky bay – m. the Buzzard

    The Sphinx


    The Stone garden on cape the Buzzard

    Simeiz. Cape water area Dangerous

    The German plane, 1944.


    Now for an example some descriptions:

    Water area of Hersonessky memorial estate

    To Dive near antique Chersonese and in the Quarantine bay the most interesting is possible months, and, will always find and will see something new. Here a lot of antique ceramics – ware splinters, the rests amfo … p and pifosov, a clay tile. Since the first defence there are kernels, a case-shot. It is a lot of anchors, and various epoch – from antique lead to to rather modern anchors the Floor-mat rosova and the Hall from enough large ships. After the Great Patriotic War – sleeves from shells of ship guns and machine guns, a lot of artillery gunpowder in tubes and plates, which podso

    hnuv, perfectly well burns.

    We recommend to make two dajva in water area of reserve "Chersonese-Taurian". It is a minimum which will allow though a little to get acquainted with this unique place.


    Antique amphoras, ceramics, anchors

    We Dive from a boat opposite to St. Vladimir's cathedral where under the legend Vladimir Veliky was christened and whence the christening of Russia has begun. A place historical, known for the whole world. Depth – 18м. A relief – kru pnye stones, sand. Consistently we pass two small grottoes, one consists as though of two arches in different levels. We go along a ridge and on depth nearby 20, in a crevice it is visible polutoramerovyj jako r 19 centuries. Further the ridge leads us to one more big anchor of the middle 19в with a chain scrap. The anchor - an admiral has perfectly remained. Costs vertically and has strongly enough got stuck in stones. On it scraps of cords and even the broken off rubber parachute – certificates of unsuccessful attempts of its lifting are visible. We leave moristee, to border of sand and stones. Depth – 22 m. Among stones and sand sobira I eat long (at times to metre) tubes and plates of artillery gunpowder. Quite often here again splinters of antique pottery are visible, it is a lot of handles from amphoras, a tile with an inscription «Marseilles, 1853». On g pунте, among stones and sand it is a lot of bull-calves, ruffs and zelenuhi are frequent.

    Depths of 5-20 m, area of immersing of 100 m


    «the Museum of anchors»

    We Dive from a boat, opposite to Victory park. Depth–20 m. a bottom Relief – equal. Large stones, sand. On a ground it is a lot of rapana. Widespread in Crimea a craft on meat extraction rapany why at n concerns this place a little. And each time, diving here, we collect a lot of cockleshell and crabs.

    Bypassing the big boulders, we go in a direction to coast. The route is made in such a manner that we consistently pass different anchors – from a huge anchor from a battleship to rather small copies, presumably – from parusno-motor schooners. The age of finds fluctuates from 200 till 30-40 years, safety – quite satisfactory. In the end of a route depth decreases to 8 metres. A way to a boat we pass on picturesque stones, having made circulation to the southwest. Sometimes there are splinters of the French and English bottles from thick glass. After storm it is possible to find and цeлые, the completely not not damaged bottles. Inhabitants of a sea-bottom – the bull-calfe, a ruff, sultanka (barabulja), zelenuha, hamsa.



    In Sevastopol and Balaklave the set of military-sports and private yacht-clubs, and also firms on hire of water motorcycles, sailing boards and other vodno-sports entertainments works. On all moorings in city centre it is possible to learn about the prices and an arrangement of clubs if you programs of training or terms of sports meets interest. Well and if it is a question only of walks or water entertainments – that at moorings of all large beaches you will find and zasypjat offers. However consider that in the Sevastopol it is considered that monetary public happens only short time from 20 dates of July on first half of September, during other time many owners of boats and others plavsredstv any more do not work on water. In Balaklave a season all-the-year-round – anyway, on yachts and boats as they here all the same rest on one of the best in the world jahtennyh parking. In itself litsezrenie unique under technical decisions, materials and the mullions-strong prices of yachts already tourist event. They belong to known businessmen and politicians of Russia, Ukraine and other countries. From this does not become a secret and any local descendant listrigonov with readiness to you will tell about them.

    Igor Rusanov

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