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    ЂэъхЁьрэёъшщ the factory of vintage wines deserves a separate trip even if you have a rest in other city of Crimea. At all Juzhnoberezhe with its well-known "¦рёёрэфЁющ" is a cradle of the Crimean winemaking. For two thousand years to Massandry in vicinities of antique Chersonese Taurian the winemaking has been put on a wide commercial basis, and the glory of these wines with the ships of ancient Greeks reached all ports of the Mediterranean. The main difference of Inkermana is that the local vintage wines sustained of some years in adits of calcareous thicknesses, prepare on ancient technologies without spirit participation. These are the natural dry wines corresponding to the European and Mediterranean taste, instead of taste of Scythians to all sweet and dense (that however, explain and excuse severe Scythian winters). But about Massandre and Scythian tastes we will talk later. And wines of Inkermana we will simply designate as the best summer wines: Fresh, easy, satisfying thirst and fishes facilitating mastering and meat.

    As mass and universal, artless, but qualitative wine we will result Rkatsiteli "ЂэъхЁьрэёъюх". It prepares from the Georgian grade of Rkatsiteli, vyroshchennogo in vicinities of Sevastopol. Light-golden colouring, transparent with solar game. A bouquet and taste with easy fruit tones and weak acidity (6-8 g/l). A fortress of 10-13%. Well to fish and cheese, but on heat suits and to low-fat meat or sausages.

    In general dry Rkatsiteli make everywhere and not only in Crimea so comparing manufacture regions, it is possible to make representation about svoeoobrazii Inkermana.

    And here Muskat Alkadar make only here, and only in vicinities of a resort of Ljubimovka. Wine it deserves both separate conversation, and separate time - or as a dessert after easy meal, or with fruit.

    Vineyards of state farm of a name of Sofia Perovskoj since ancient times are famous for the muscats. And the sort of noble family Perovsky has given to the world not only one terrorist (let and well-known), but also the whole galaxy of statesmen, military, writers. In Crimea they owned 4 manors, one of them Seaside and has received the name of Alkadar. In 1889 it was got vinotorgovets by Feodor Shtal and when it has tried the first local wine east refinement and fantastic voluptuousness of wine has forced it to exclaim in language "К№ё ёш and one эюёш": on it is Arabian "рыіъ фрЁ" means divine command. Vinotorgovets has understood that its choice is true here again special muscats ripen.

    The Museum of a family Perovsky accepted in 2002 for the first time tourists from Denmark and Sweden and now becomes fashionable. To try fresh grapes and other fruit accompanied by a unique natural muscat - a worthy occasion to thousand kilometres of a way!

    Muskat Alkadar

    Grape semisweet pink wine. Elegant transparent light-crimson colour with radiant game. Muscat aroma with tsitrinnymi tones. Fresh easy taste with thin sweet (1.5-2.5%), hardly appreciable tartness of a thin skin of grape berries and long fresh hardly knitting poslevkusiem.

    Enzymes, glucose and the vitamins which have been not burdened by spirit and superfluous sugar, to romantic dreams from unusual aroma add also quite physiologically well-founded freshness of feelings and desires.

    In Balaklave is factory of sparkling wines "Гюыю=р  срыър" after the Great Patriotic War it was created by experts "¦рёёрэфЁ№" for champagne mass production on the accelerated technology. So for wine tourism local champagne as though not the theme and a building of factory does not represent interest. But natural dry wines of this area including branded, are very good and original. Traditions of winemaking total here more than two and a half thousand years, well and modern vineyards simply please an eye.

    Certainly, one of the best summer wines, that is approaching for a heat (and very cheap!) is

    Aligote "Гюыю=р  срыър"

    Prepares from a grade of Aligote which have been grown up in vicinities of Balaklavy. Colour light-golden. The bouquet and taste is typical for this grade: small juicy gorchinka and easy karamelnyj tone. Wine gives sensation of freshness, gentle, harmonious. Very moderate acidity (6-8 g/and a small fortress (10-12%) perfectly accompany dishes from fish and chicken meat. Aroma is not lost even at razbavlenii by potable water or with ice. Perfectly satisfies thirst. Well to sweet fruit and grapes. Fish, mussels and other seafood, and also fruit and grapes necessarily try the local!

    From autostation "Northern" simply enough to get to village Vilino of the Bakhchsarai area. This place is interesting to experts-wine makers and the advanced fans. Here the Foothill pilot farm of the Ukrainian language of scientific research institute on wine growing and winemaking of "Magarach" (the institute is located in suburb of Yalta, and it is created in 1828) is located. If all in the world it is known about 4 thousand grades of cultural grapes, in a collection "Magaracha" of their 3.2 thousand.

    The Foothill economy has 520 hectares of the skilled area, rare grades are sometimes presented by 5-10 bushes because of which here come from apart for scientific researches and, of course, for student's an expert. However, saplings of rare grades from local nursery are on sale all interested person.

    Only when and where - it is necessary to learn by phones 9-19-01, 9-09-49. The economy like and near to a resort and even has own base of rest, but efficiency of tourism has not understood yet - neither about a tasting room, nor about its excursion program I yet did not hear.

    The wine collection (enoteka) economy is unusually rich also. For sale for serious money wines with endurance of 5-12 years, well and, for example, Semilon Malaga are intended 1924 - already only for auctions.

    Igor Rusanov

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