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    health resorts of Sevastopol
  • sanatorium ' Omega '
  • OK ' the Seagull '
  • boarding house ' the Azure '
  • boarding house ' Bajdary '
  • boarding house ' the Emerald '
  • boarding house ' Palmida '
  • boarding house ' Sevastopol '
  • hotel ' Belbek '
  • gostinnitsa ' Crimea '
  • hotel ' Wood '
  • hotel ' the Olympus '
  • hotel ' Ukraine '
  • hotel ' Yard '
  • base of rest ' Batiliman '
  • base ' Horizon '
  • base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • base of rest ' Kacha '
  • b/o ' Azure coast '
  • base of rest ' Cape Ajja '
  • base of rest ' Odysseus '
  • b/o ' the Eagle nest '
  • b/o ' Sandy coast '
  • base of rest ' the Romanticist '
  • base of rest ' the Buzzard '
  • base of rest ' Taurida '
  • camp ' Atlantic '
  • DOCK ' Coastal '
  • the DALE ' Mountain '
  • DOTS ' Laspi '
  • VPL ' Hope '
  • the DALE ' Nahimovets '
  • the DALE ' Omega '
  • the DALE ' the Surf '
  • the DALE ' the Falcon '

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    Entertainments, bars, restaurants, cafe

    Obligatory point for all fans of the nature getting to Crimea, will be in Sevastopol the Aquarium of institute of Biology of the southern seas (it is based by legendary Mikluho-Maklaem and the prof. Kovalevsky). Nearby to it directly in city centre in waters of the Artillery bay the delphinarium "-хыі¶шэш " is arranged;. the Theatre of sea animals is in the extreme southwest of region in the Cossack bay. Here in a Soviet period of thousand dolphins and fur seals trained in sea terrorism – to attach to enemy objects of a mine and taps.

    Except all it on a city and settlements the huge number of vagrant exhibitions of exotic reptiles, snakes and amphibious, insects, aquariums with local and exotic inhabitants wanders.

    Almost all museums and excursion objects are stuck round cafe, restaurants, bars, souvenir numbers. Such institutions work usually from 9-10 o'clock till. For quays and cafe beaches work to last visitor. For large hotels work as a casino and night clubs.

    the Review of local grades of fruit

    Valleys of the rivers Chorgun (Black), and Kacha since ancient times are famous for Belbek for apples and pears. It is possible to tell without superfluous modesty – they here the best in the world. On pears the Alushtinsky valley, but on apples – just valleys of the Bakhchsarai and Belogorsky area can compete still.

    The first French travellers admired Vineyards of the Kachinsky valley still. It is known that here in 17 century (long before Don Perinona) made a natural sparkling wine. Certainly, now the high-quality structure has radically changed. From local grades of grapes into industrial culture it is entered not so much. CHaush from early both shabash and asma from late dining rooms, and from technical (which go on wine) only kokur.

    In region also the sweet cherry, an apricot, a peach, almonds, a walnut, plum perfectly grow ripe. In areas of villages Andreevka and Angular set of the thrown gardens from plum and almonds. And in a forest park at Uchkuevki set wild apricots. In mountain woods there are filbert and walnut plantations, and also the most beautiful old wood gardens – chairy. On mountain tourist routes you expect almost all year long something edible and curative. For example, mushrooms can be collected and for New year, and fragrant tea to make not only from colours, but also roots of medical plants. Only do not take a great interest – alkoloidy mountain plants are extremely strong, and the effect can be not only invigorating. Zveroboj krepit, the camomile operates as laxative, mint and a balm weaken and make sleepy, and dushitsa reduces a potentiality … Without experts do not experiment!

    Not the problem in many villages easy to gorge on in streets a cherry (which because of dearness of sugar in 2005 at all did not collect), a mulberry, a cherry plum.

    Passing or passing on village and having found out a tree with seductive fruits, call the mistress and ask about possibility to buy fruits. Usually, if you collect them directly from a tree, the price can be twice more low. Some economy in mass maturing ("the velvet season" – September, October) grapes, apples and pears employ on gathering and tourists. Payment in this case goes not money, and a part of that you have collected.

    Before such work follows very shortly and smoothly obstrich nails not to damage a thin skin of fruits. Basketfuls at once to carry away from under crones of trees. Porchennye fruits not to collect in general or to collect separately.

    Because of non-uniform maturing of fruits on any site always there are many so-called "tails". If protection is removed from a garden, you can easy be engaged in their gathering. For peach gardens of different terms of maturing it can be July and August, for early pears and apples – August and September, for grapes and winter grades of apples and pears – October and November.

    Igor Rusanov

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