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    health resorts of Sevastopol
  • sanatorium ' Omega '
  • OK ' the Seagull '
  • boarding house ' the Azure '
  • boarding house ' Bajdary '
  • boarding house ' the Emerald '
  • boarding house ' Palmida '
  • boarding house ' Sevastopol '
  • hotel ' Belbek '
  • gostinnitsa ' Crimea '
  • hotel ' Wood '
  • hotel ' the Olympus '
  • hotel ' Ukraine '
  • hotel ' Yard '
  • base of rest ' Batiliman '
  • base ' Horizon '
  • base of rest ' the Dolphin '
  • base of rest ' Kacha '
  • b/o ' Azure coast '
  • base of rest ' Cape Ajja '
  • base of rest ' Odysseus '
  • b/o ' the Eagle nest '
  • b/o ' Sandy coast '
  • base of rest ' the Romanticist '
  • base of rest ' the Buzzard '
  • base of rest ' Taurida '
  • camp ' Atlantic '
  • DOCK ' Coastal '
  • the DALE ' Mountain '
  • DOTS ' Laspi '
  • VPL ' Hope '
  • the DALE ' Nahimovets '
  • the DALE ' Omega '
  • the DALE ' the Surf '
  • the DALE ' the Falcon '

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    Safety and hygiene

    In some microdistricts of Sevastopol there can be faults with giving of hot or cold water. In advance make sure that it is excluded (or, anyway, know about it at price discussion).

    Level of criminal activity – usual for the tourist centres, and the greatest danger is represented by visiting thieves. Avoid casual acquaintances and trust councils sevastopoltsev concerning dangerous places or situations in each concrete city district or its huge territory. Everywhere there can be subtleties.

    Special dangers of a city are:

    • huge still the quantity of an ammunition and explosive subjects which are washed away in due course from a ground, are bared at civil work, can be anxious landslips and other processes;
    • improbable number of underground cavities (natural and especially artificial origin). The arches of underground labyrinths constantly collapse, procorfs of a ground and other troubles are possible;
    • instability of coastal breakages, constant destruction of descents to the sea, steps, terraces, krepid, basic walls and other.

    After a tragical case at settlement Kacha in June, 2005 when several having a rest fell asleep on a wild beach a landslip, we consider not superfluous to give some councils:

    • the coastal breakage absolutely deprived of a grass and steep is unstable;
    • breakage on which slopes the grass and a bush grows and under which there are even trees, for example, wild olive (silvery loha), is quite reliable;
    • settling down on a beach under breakage, mentally imagine as blocks from its edges can far fall. It can be made on an example of recent collapses, estimations of cracks in boards of breakage and on its top;
    • after long rains refrain in general from visiting of wild beaches under breakages;
    • never loudly shout under breakages, never throw stones from above and do not approach to breakage edge.

    The Region of Sevastopol in summertime when the grass burns out also a wood laying becomes dry as gunpowder, is dangerous not only fires, but also explosions. Fires plant only in concrete or stone kostrishchah, specially equipped with foresters.

    In region it is few Dangerous plants and animals. Fruits of many park plants can be poisonous – simply do not taste unfamiliar fruits and do not knead their leaves in hands. Venomous snakes are not present. In May-June in mountains places constant vypasa cattle can have a danger of infection kleshchevym entsifalitom. Organizers of mountain excursions and campaigns are obliged to warn you about security measures.

    Blood-sicking insects can make some problem in places where it is a lot of lakes with cane thickets. Usually in such villages each shop sells ointment from komarinyh stings and every possible frightening off devices. However level «komarinoj dangers» much more low, than at coast of sea of Azov.

    In the sea at bathing if will adjoin to a jellyfish hands, do not rub eyes. Well also pay attention to cleanliness of water, and on wild beaches necessarily check a bottom condition. After each large storm do it anew. The sea constantly takes out to coast metal subjects, fragments of ferro-concrete and other. From time to time – and gold things. So your efforts can be adequately rewarded.

    Igor Rusanov

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    the Review of parks and beaches

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