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    health resorts of Sevastopol
  • sanatorium ' Omega '
  • OK ' the Seagull '
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  • boarding house ' Bajdary '
  • boarding house ' the Emerald '
  • boarding house ' Palmida '
  • boarding house ' Sevastopol '
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  • base of rest ' Odysseus '
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  • base of rest ' the Romanticist '
  • base of rest ' the Buzzard '
  • base of rest ' Taurida '
  • camp ' Atlantic '
  • DOCK ' Coastal '
  • the DALE ' Mountain '
  • DOTS ' Laspi '
  • VPL ' Hope '
  • the DALE ' Nahimovets '
  • the DALE ' Omega '
  • the DALE ' the Surf '
  • the DALE ' the Falcon '

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    the Review of parks and beaches

    City centre

    Crystal (City)

    Is in a bay Crystal. Bays actually do not exist now, as the right cape is cut off, and coast are chained in concrete. The beach includes all coast of a bay and the cape with the same name. Those who is able to float bathe here. Depth at a wall - 2 - 2,5 metres. Behind a beach - rocky coast. Water outwardly pure (all dust is driven by a wind in the next Artillery bay) and is constantly supervised. The cape and bay name has occurred from swimming baths settling down here in 19 century "+Ёѕё=рыіэ№х тюф№". To the left of a beach - a bay Aleksandrovsky, on cape - 55 metre obelisk to a hero town. In this bay – wild pljazhiki.

    Now on a beach Crystal the big aquapark is under construction. The project very interesting so by a season of 2006 it will be possible to make representation.

    In the central part of a city in Seaside parkway it is quite often possible to see bathers though it and is not authorised. Once very much for a long time between the Aquarium and the Palace of pioneers there was a City beach.

    The Monument to the flooded ships more low Seaside parkway grows as if from the sea. It costs on former oyster bank (which in Crimea was much before in 1950th years of oysters has absolutely destroyed a predatory Far East mollusc rapana). On this place in a XIX-th century there was a restaurant "¤юяыртюъ". The pool was feature of restaurant arranged in the centre of a hall, whence directly in the face of visitors got oysters who there and then and submitted to a table. Water at a monument and now very transparent so always there are many interested persons here popleskatsja.

    beaches of Hersonessky reserve

    The First: to the right of an input on territory of a museum on the bank of the Quarantine bay. A ground - a coarse sand and small cockleshells. From depth of 1 metre - a bottom grassy. The beach is very well protected from a wind and waves. By sight water pure though in a bay there are some rocket boats, and on the right school of divers.

    The Second: under breakage at an ancient bell, it is necessary to approach to breakage that it to see. A large and average pebble.

    The Third: directly at columns of an antique temple. A large pebble and stones. To hide from the sun it is possible only under rare bushes.

    Further on the left - fine places for fans to dive from height of 2 metres. There are small grottoes. These places the local population names "ёърыъш". When on the sea a storm, come to "ёърыърь" and you will see a magnificent picture: a wave, hitting about rocks, flies up on some metres, and splashes reach breakage top.

    microdistrict the Streletsky bay

    The Beach Solar is in microdistrict Streletsky on the bank of the Hersonessky (Sand) bay. Beach territory "Рюыэхёэ№щ" and park adjoining it earlier belonged to the Hersonessky museum. On a beach basically soldiers from nearby military units bathed, therefore a beach sometimes and now name Soldier's.

    The Coast - a small and average pebble, is deeper - sand. At the left and on the right - rocky coast. A concrete wall and buna separate a beach from Chersonese Taurian. Water not always pure, and at excitement at coast a grass. To hide from the sun it is possible only under park trees. Here the film "Рърчър about the tsar Рры=рэх" is in the sixties shot;. At the left and on the right on rocky coast two cities - fortresses with "чюыю=№ьш" have been constructed; domes and landing stages, shot from small, but the presents pushechek. Though in those days filmings in Sevastopol - an everyday occurrence, the people specially came from a city to look.

    The Beach Sand is in microdistrict Streletsky on southern coast of the Hersonessky (Sand) bay. A beach "¤хёюёэ№щ" probably, oldest of all and the smallest. Cleanliness of territory and coast very much watch. There is a toilet, free and very pure, a first-aid post, a life-saving service. How was 20, 30 years ago. When a surf, water rather dirty as the right corner of a beach clay - throws out a grass. At the left, where territory of a military college, small very small and pure enough site. Here it is good to go in the evening, when a calm, with small children (it is better, than in dirty Omegu). At a small bottom it is possible to collect beautiful shutters from cockleshells for hand-made articles. In 60th years here shot films - sea fights, using wooden models of the ships (then was small on all beach of metres on 80 from coast).

    a beach "¤рЁъ ¤юсхф№"

    Is between bays Streletsky and Round at open coast. From a stop of transport to a beach - 1700 metres (20 mines). The road passes through the quite good park started now there is no time. Beach coast - an average pebble, and in water and stones. A water surface often (50/50) dirty because of several bun, not giving to a wind to drive dust in the sea. At the left and to the right of a beach water pure always, but a bottom completely the stony. It is possible pokovyrjatsja in stones in search of crabs. Generally it is necessary to hunt for crabs in the night from a small lamp. Their hundreds get out on coastal stones. It is possible to meet and edible copies (i.e. rather big).

    In the north the cape Margopulo - 21 km is looked through. From the sun there is no place to hide - the flooring of superstructures over bunami is disassembled. In beach territory there are some bars, a water hill.

    the Sevastopol aquapark of "Zurbagan"

    Settles down in park of the Victory at a bay of Omega. Aquapark building has been begun in December, 2004. By 2007 the 4-stars hotel here will be constructed, and in 2009 - there will be a covered vodno-sports complex.

    By a summer season of 2005 in an aquapark of openly 15 hills and 7 pools:

    • for kids of a hill "-Ёюышъ" "+ёіьшэюу" "Гьх " "Рыюэ" children's pools depth from 0,25 to 0,4 metres;
    • for children the hill "ррфѕур" is more senior; "-х=ёъшщ сюфшёырщф" "Ртюсюфэюх ярфхэшх" in height about 3 metres;
    • for the adults of a hill "ОхЁэр  ф№Ёр" "Ртюсюфэюх ярфхэшх" "…юфшёырщф№" "¦ѕыі=шёырщф№" "-рьшърфчх" in height from 4 metres to 13,6 metres!

    Will pleasantly surprise all visitors of an aquapark cosy "Пр=Ё№" under which shade there are 2 youth mixes, a pizzeria, children's cafe and a brazier. There is a possibility to leave motor transport on paid parking, to choose souvenirs and the other goods in the big assortment, to take advantage of photographer's studio services.

    The Prices of summer of 2005:

    • 95 grn. (19$) from 10.00 till, children growth to 1,40м - 50грн.
    • 70 grn. (14$) from 14.00 till, children growth to 1,40м - 50грн.
    • 40 grn. (8$) from 18.00 till, children growth to 1,40м - 40грн.

    All per capita booths, left-luggage offices etc., etc. - it is free, that is not present in other aquaparks of Crimea.

    The Contact information: Sevastopol, bodies.: (0692 42-12-56 phone/fax: (0692 43-23-92

    Pljazh Omega

    Second-large and mass character of visiting. The length - 700 m. Is on the bank of the Round bay (usually all it name a bay of Omega it it is absolutely wrong). Coast and a bottom - sandy, only in an average part coast clay and small stones (not a pebble). Deep into the bay very small, it well gets warm, but for fans to float a little tiresomely to reach normal depth. Because of shoal the bottom has densely grassed, which even at small excitement casts ashore in considerable quantities. Water by noon becomes very dirty from the weighed particles of sand, small dust and a grass. So come since morning before. As a whole beach territory pure enough. It is possible to pass and further, by a rest house to rocky coast on cape Sandy (only the name). There water always very pure, in water is the passes cleared away from stones, only from the sun there is no place to hide. On east coast of a bay - workshops on repair of helicopters. In the end of a beach, in 50 metres from coast in far 60 was "фшър " mud baths.

    Entertainments: a banana, akvabajk, a water hill, hire of boats and bicycles, a hang-glider. The hang-glider has appeared in 1999, flight time - 12 - 15 minutes. Mnozhestsvo bars, absolutely empty in the afternoon and filled in the evening.

    the Radio hill on the North side

    The Small beach in a bay of Matjushenko, it is well visible from inhabited quarters of the Radio hill (it is possible to go down by the car, is the cafe and catamarans). On the right (on the West) from it and on other party of cape in a bay Konstantinovsky the nudist beach (descent to it from summer residences on very abrupt ladder or on coast from that and other party) hides. The beach wild, naturally, any conveniences, sand and the big stones to lie not so conveniently, but it is possible to find good places. Grandmothers walking on coast with grand daughters and other dressed is one of pluses a little.


    This beach is located on the North side. From the area of Zaharova (a mooring Northern) - 2,2 km. It is considered the best beach. Extent about 1000 metres. The coast is turned to the sea almost on the northwest.

    There are two variants to reach a beach:

    1. the Boat from the Artillery bay. A movement interval: 40 minutes or 1 hour, per ways - 35-40 minutes. At an exit from a bay can be photographed against the Konstantinovsky battery and a pier with a beacon. You observe a beautiful panorama of Northern bay, the Hersonessky museum, further, on the West, the Hersonessky beacon (on cape Chersonese) is visible.
    2. the Boat from Count landing stage to the North side (1,2 km - 10 minutes). A movement interval - 20 minutes. You rise on the area of Zaharova and sit down or on the private bus, or on a minibus and go to the beach. An interval of 30-35 minutes. Do not wish to wait - then sit down on buses №№ 12, 14, 16, 22 and go 2 stops. Further from a hill along park there are 8-10 minutes (800 metres), and you on a beach. Fine walk, and you can see, having descended from the bus, to the right of a road fork a memorable sign - Ekaterina's mile. Them remains in Crimea 5. Wild apricots grow In park. Is it is possible - lead is not present. A beach - well-groomed, a small pebble and a coarse sand. Depth sharply accrues and in 6-7 metres from coast depth of 2 metres so look for children.

    Since morning water pure and transparent while there is no surf. The surf begins more close by noon, water becomes yellow and rather dirty. A conclusion: come since morning. From the sun there are canopies.

    At the left - cape Thick, on the right - cape Margopulo (in 16,5 kilometres) and Kacha.

    Entertainments - bars, akvabajk, a banana, spinning a flank.

    If you have chosen this beach for a frequentness to reach it, 2nd variant is preferable. It is expensive more cheaply in 2 times if with a family the economy is available on time even it can faster turn out about 10 minutes. On the way back in the micromarket it is possible to buy vegetables-fruit from a mooring on 15-20% more cheaply, than in a city.

    On the way back also it is possible to rise on a hill at a mooring, to a monument - a fine kind on the South side.

    the Cossack bay

    The Good place for a quiet rest at the sea. It here from three parties: an extreme southwest point of Sevastopol, Crimea and Ukraine – cape Chersonese (not to confuse to archaeological reserve where there are ruins of the antique city of Chersonese). Air and water - the purest in Sevastopol. Only here it is possible to bathe alternately: that on Western, on Southern coast of Crimea.

    It is poorly populated. Directly at the sea summer residences and private boarding houses are constructed. An extended coastal line, set of wild free beaches. Is and organised, with a bar – in to the Blue bay .

    In microdistrict set of shops and cafe, the market, mail, a cash dispense. The excellent message with the centre: half an hour on a minibus. A delphinarium, yachts - club, vaults of 35th battery, the Hersonessky beacon, diving and fishing.

    There are no mountains on which in other areas it is necessary to creep to a beach and back. There are no haunts of vice and transport emissions. Decent public: both local, and having a rest. Many go every year. Militias too are not present: the order is watched by the Russian marines, an elite part with an excellent orchestra and beautiful children - every year on parade in Moscow.

    The Prices twice more low, than in the centre of Sevastopol and on JUBK. It concerns and the prices for a food, and to the prices for employment of habitation for rest.


    Actually in Balaklave there is one small pljazhik in the end of quay. It name the Splash pool. Local idlers, small kiddies here go and those from tourists who very much hurries up to bathe. The beach represents the small concreted court yard with plank beds and awnings. In the sea it is possible to go down on steps or to jump from concrete.

    On other (western) party of the Balaklavsky bay, almost on its exit, there is a small Apraksinsky beach. A quantity of sand and stones, a rusty mooring, is a lot of people and is not especially pure. Over all it the cafe towers.

    All other beaches are at coast from Balaklavy to cape Ajja: Silver (near), Gold, the Fig 1, 2, the Forgotten world... Bewitching names! To the right from Balaklavy (if to face the sea) there is too one beach - a beach of Kotova.

    On beaches it is possible to reach on a passenger boat "Рр=ѕЁэ" on private jolly boats, on foot.

    1. "Рр=ѕЁэ" goes on a route of Balaklava - the Silver beach (Near) - the Gold beach - Balaklava. Departure from 8.00 till each hour. In 15 minutes you will be on Silver, in 30 minutes on Gold.
    2. Jolly boats go anywhere, up to the Laspinsky bay. According to your desire will land in any place of coast and will take away back under the arrangement at any time. Jolly boat cost fixed also does not depend on quantity of transported passengers. Do not forget to take with itself water!

      The prevention: Be cautious, if you have chosen means of transportation a fishing jolly boat! Look, that the owner has not overloaded it. At excitement it is possible to turn over. In 1998 such case was, some persons has sunk.
    3. On foot on a mountain footpath (among the local there is a name the Solar track – it takes place on a slope of a beam from a North side Genoa krepsoti Chembalo). It is better to do this way in the evening, coming back from a beach. On very abrupt ravine you rise to a footpath going at height of 100-150 metres along breakage. To you the magnificent panorama of the sea, to a horizon line - 40 - 45 km will open! This road will occupy from you 40 - 45 mines from the Silver beach and 1 hour of 30 mines - 1 hour of 40 mines from Gold (without calling to ruins of Chembalo).

    If will approach to ruins of a fortress of Chembalo before you the panorama of the Balaklavsky bay will open. On a footpath now to go not dangerously. There was one very dangerous place, but now there transitive the bridge.

    the Silver (Near) beach - the most visited. All coast - a coarse sand and a small pebble. Stones begin with depth about 1,5 metres. At the left and on the right - rocks. From the sun there is no place to hide. Is and "яхЁхфтшцэющ срЁ" (one name) - a choice minimum, the prices maximum. From the Silver beach on Gold on foot it is possible to get only on the top footpath.

    the Gold beach - was stretched on metres 800, the width - 15 - 20 m. Coast is enough "уЁѕсюх" - basically an average and large pebble, boulders. In water from depth 1 - 1,5 m boulders and stones. From the sun there are two canopies.

    From a beach in a cape Ajja direction there is a footpath. Going on it, you can choose to yourselves a lonely place at the sea in a small bay. Only consider, having stepped into a footpath, you get on territory republican zakaznika "+ чіьр". If you will be found out by the forester - it is necessary to pay. If will cook food on a fire (though it is strictly forbidden) - do not use as fuel a juniper and a pine of Stankevicha. They are brought in the Red book. Having passed metres 800 on this footpath from a beach, you will see, how in the northeast the cape Fiolent will open. Advantages of these vacation spots are doubtless: the beauty of rocks and plants, always the cleanest water, air with a smell of the sea and mountain wood, possibility to find a secluded corner and to remain alone with the nature.


    If you like steep rocks, the cleanest sea, stones, a pebble and fine kinds - recommend Fiolent. There not so simply to reach, but you will be rewarded for all difficulties. From the centre to 5 km by trolley buses NN 2, 12, 13, 17, 20 then to change on a minibus to Fiolenta. It is possible still from TSUMa by buses NN 19 or 72 also to reach to same Fiolenta, the truth, other road. To leave through a housing estate to the sea and to look downwards, to find out a track. Them there much, is more widely, is already. But be cautious - does not pass also year that in that area someone has not broken. Below, along bottom of rocks, on all coast fans of the pure sea and beautiful kinds sunbathe.

    Laspi and Batiliman

    Here all convenient beaches from gravel and a pebble are divided for a long time between health resorts and fenced. To numerous savages remain only rocky haosy which are good unusually transparent water and convenient and even cosy blocks. All this magnificence becomes mortally dangerous at storm which, however, happen very seldom.

    Igor Rusanov

    In addition on the given theme:

    Safety and hygiene

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