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    Ljubimovka. I Share impressions

    Allow to share and the impressions about stay in settlement Ljubimovka that near Sevastopol, from August, 8 till August, 22nd, 2004

    We have communicated by e-mail with the agencies which are handing over habitation. Us the payment variant under the clearing settlement about what we and have agreed with Tatyana interested. After that Tatyana has picked up to us variants of habitation and has sent the detailed description of all conditions with fotografimi premises and beaches. We have chosen 2 room apartment in Ljubimovke in cost 30 c.u. a day. This cost considers agency services, the preliminary arrangement and a way payments (clearing settlement). We have transferred money and have started to gather. Tatyana has given us the address and apartment phone, and she paid off with the mistress.

    We went the car from Kiev any more the first time, any especial difficulties in a way did not test. To Crimea drove in area Chongara, have paid recreational gathering at a rate of 10 grn.

    With the mistress agreed both in advance, and it is already direct after the arrival - have called that we already on a central square, and it to us left. Has remarkably met - in apartment beauty and cleanliness, live roses in rooms and kitchen, to us at once has poured on a liqueur glass of amazing wine, has treated with a peach and a tomato and has fluently given necessary instructions. We have immediately gone to the sea, and looked then round and arranged.

    The settlement Ljubimovka consists of two parts. One is a military camp from five-floor houses (in settlement there is a military unit and garrison airdrome "…хыісхъ"), the second - mostly houses of rural type. We lived in a military camp, names of streets there are not present, houses are called "-+Р" (the officers house) with numbers. Literally a stone's throw away is both a beach, and a settlement central square (with plane on a pedestal) with bazarchikom, several shops and kafeshkami where there is a full assortment of fresh products, vegetables, the fruit, necessary household trifles. By the way, nobody rushes with habitation offers, only announcements on columns "Рфр¦ цшыіх" occasionally come across;.

    The car put on a boarding house supervised parking "…хыісхъ" (an input in it from the same central square) for 4 grn. A day.

    Now about habitation. Two-room apartment "яюф ъы¦ё" on the third floor of the five-floor house with separate rooms, a balcony, a boiler, a refrigerator, the TV, necessary furniture, kitchen utensils, bedding. The house is equipped by electric stoves, but owners have put a gas cooker and a cylinder for convenience of visitors. And when have disconnected water because of failure - two 20-litre canisters with water have immediately brought. Reception we remained are happy. In one room there is a folding 2 sleeping sofa, in another 2 beds, in a small hall with the TV (cable TV, is the Russian channels, Eurosport and it is a lot of others) - one more folding sofa. Also the mistress offered folding beds if who does not wish to sleep together, but it were not necessary for us. There are cases, armchairs, chairs, in general, all necessary.

    But has not managed and without a tar spoon - before departure it was found out that the mistress has received from agency money for 14 days of our stay, and we stipulated and paid (on a clearing settlement) for 15 days. As to leave per day did not enter into our plans earlier, and Tatyana on mobile anything intelligible could not tell, it was necessary to pay extra to the mistress 150 grn. Therefore, at all positive moments, I cannot state a good estimation to work of this agency.

    Beach, it is possible to tell, court - it is necessary to pass pair of court yard, and here it - the sea. The beach not so populous, absolutely wild, is not present either booths for disguise, or canopies, water entertainments - anything. We, vobshchem, on it also expected - to have a rest easy from city vanity, we carry with ourselves kolja and an awning. Even pleased that there is no noise and a stench from water motorcycles and other. A beach from sand and a small pebble, therefore at the slightest excitement the sea rather turbid. But there were also days when water was absolutely transparent. In some days was jellyfishes as small, as well as huge, colour that o-o-very much was not pleasant to children very much, and we were delighted with them not.

    In settlement there is some cafe as restaurants, the prices bite, so ourselves cooked simple food, the blessing all for this purpose was. On a beach sellers pahlavy seldom enough go, sweet tubules, pies and, strangely enough, silently - it is necessary to look out for them. Sell beer, fish, other gifts of the sea more often and more loudly.

    With transport all is very simple: from the area it is regular, very frequent, minibuses on Northern depart, to go 5 minutes. There a large market, shops, autostation and landing stage, whence it is possible to sail each half an hour on a boat (1 grn.) or on the ferry (1,25 grn. From the person and 8 grn. From the car) on Count landing stage of Sevastopol. From Count landing stage we with pleasure have gone on sea walk (30 minutes), saw the military ships, the submarines, much all interesting has learnt from the guide about vicinities. Well, what to look in Sevastopol, all know, on it I will not stop.

    In settlement Ljubimovka there is S.Perovskoj's house museum and winery "+ыіърфрЁ". Excursion which begins in this house museum, then the story about factory and wine tasting in an excellent tasting room is spent. Also there it is possible to get the present Crimean wines of excellent quality.

    Well here, in general, and everything about what wished to tell. If who has questions - with pleasure will answer. Galina.

    the Author: Galina, Kiev
    It is placed: 10 27 2005
    It is seen: 617 times ()
    A story Estimation: Top of All

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